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Stories Stimulated by a Picture

I love this so much I want to be a part of this story yes let's make Africa a better place.  -- ABC4All Mentor Daniel Teguo, Cameroon

I love that picture of Stan showing his sheer determination, stamina, and giving his ALL for his passion and belief in what I know has made a difference and will continue to make this world a better place. One day this world will wake up and realize that it not the sameness in each of us that counts; it is the differences in us that truly counts. I believe in what Stan is doing.

Knowing what Stan has been doing for our brothers and sisters around the world is calling attention to the plight of our weaker brothers and sisters. It reminds me of a movie that has stayed with me for a long time...to paraphrase, "two brothers at a future date, one brother is perfectly healthy...the other brother has a heart condition...he is told all of his life that he will not live past a certain age...he might as well give up...late one night they race in the ocean with the waves raging all around...the weaker brother saves his stronger brother from drowning...on the shore the stronger brother asked, "How did you do that? How could you beat me?"...The answer, "I never saved anything for the swim back."

He gave life his ALL despite being told every day he would never survive his conditions... yet, his actions told a different story...he just went out there challenging himself daily...he lived a long and fulfilling life helping others to mov e mountains, and make the world a better place.

Stan has been moving mountains and making the world a better place. Stan's love for others has been making a difference in their lives. He continues to be an inspiration to all of us.  -- Robin Potter, Member, PowerSharing.com.

A picture is worth 1000 words.  This man's face tells all.  It suggests a kind of deliberate intention and ultimate unrelenting determination to accomplish a goal.
What I see is...a man who is moved to create an awareness of what the world needs.  This is someone who fosters unity across all cultural differences and any kind of divide that might exist in our world.

What is represented is...a presence in the world that serves to stimulate others into action to make a difference to better our world.

What is happening is...he is obviously involved in some sort of race.  He is trying to reach the end goal without giving up.  He is determined to finish, no matter what.

What the outcome is...he meets his goal and in the process he alerts people he encounters to think about ways we can help to improve our world.  This can be a true meeting of minds and ability for people to overcome their limitations.  Rather this man encourages self-fulfillment for anyone across the world to feel and act better about him/herself and to endorse what can be a better world.
-- Burton Danet, Founder ABC4All and ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

It made me feel 2 emotions so I wrote my thoughts for both:

A picture is worth 1000 words.  1.  This man's face to me indicates two intense emotions.  He is showing great determination to succeed; he is, in fact, giving his all to his effort.
What I see is...a man who will not accept failure, he will accomplish whatever his goal is, because he is applying his total being into the effort of winning. 

What is represented is... The fact that to succeed required dedication and effort, faint heart never one fair maiden, nor are race winners or other people of success, people who give less than their all to achieve!

What is happening is...It looks to me as if he is involved in some sort of multi-cultural race.  He is striving to attain victory, and is totally applying his whole being into the effort of winning.

What the outcome is...He wins, why, because he has not allowed the possibility of defeat to enter his mind, he has given his every effort, held nothing in reserve, and hence failure is not an option. This man’s determination to win can be applied to any human endeavour, if you wish success in any venture, do NOT allow the possibility of failure to discourage you, to win requires dedication and the willingness to give total application of effort.


A picture is worth 1000 words…Face/Emotion,  2.  A face of great pain and anguish, a striving to overcome emmotional pain and retain his humanity.

What I see is...This is a man on the verge of losing his humanity, either by tears or screaming his pain to the heavens, or resorting to violence at the cause of his pain.

What is represented is... For me this represents the feelings I personally experienced when I was first confronted with newborn murders for the first time, it resulted in my attempting to structure The Family Care Organisation to address this social disease.

What is happening is...I relate this to the immense pain I experienced which resulted in cementing my determination to change the status quo.

What the outcome is...The outcome is “The Family Care Organisation” becoming a reality, and that before my death there will be centres throughout the world directed at saving these babies and giving both them and their parents a fruitful future, where they can actually benefit society in general. 

-- ABC4All Partner/Mentor Daniel P. Warren, 53danielwarren @ gmail (dot) com, Skype : daniel.warren56

What I see is...the face of determination and perservence of an overcome in the presence of extreme hardship and pain...

What is represented is...  a man in great pain, refusing to quit, determined to finish his race in spite of all crippling odds, even if others would consider it impossible... Failure is not an option!

What is happening is... a man of great courage and determination is pushing forth against all odds, making possible the impossible through the indomitable spirit of a highly focused man with overcoming faith refusing to quit, calling on the power of the Holy Spirit for strength to carry on to the finish...

What the outcome is...Victorious completion through the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ!!!  -- ABC4All Partner/Mentor Margaret Hampton


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