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Joint Commitment

Our CO-MISSION With The Great Global Friendship Run

Joint Commitment To Bring

The Power of Hope, Friendship and Love-in-Action

to 257 Locations in the World*

  • A man who will run the equivalent of his age in each location during the 8th decade of his life (he turns 70 on 5/7/13) spreading cross-cultural friendship AND raising $1 Billion for the 143 million orphans of the world.
  • United together, Friendship Sports Association (FSA) and The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) are Making The Impossible Possible -- coming soon:  A co-edited book.

Manning Global Awareness: 
A Review of “No Mountain Too High”

Sharing The Overcoming Power of Hope: 
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

His name is Stan Cottrell, author of “No Mountain Too High.”   The quotation is from Philippians 4:13. Stan is an overcomer, a super-achiever with the mindstyle of a winner ... the can-do attitude that typifies his mantra:  "Dream big; and if that doesn't work, dream bigger!"

His dream is a very big dream, indeed, and it's about to become a reality.  Stan is preparing to mount a global campaign to bring hope, friendship and help to the world as he runs in every country, raising monies and reaching out to orphans and other children in need everywhere.

The ABC4All family will no longer tolerate lack of consideration and caring for those who are sick and/or dying and who desperately need relief, as well as anyone alive who is receptive to receive such benefits.

We take this opportunity to introduce our Partner and ABC4All Mentor, Stan Cottrell, and we wish him the best of health in his inspiring global pursuit. We are alerting the world to join him in creating remedies for what exists: http://profiles.tigweb.org/runstanrun

“We have a hurting, dying world, which desperately thirsts for

the specific hope and victory The World of A Better Community

for All can bring.”


You can find out more about this ambitious Co-Mission on the links below:

Lux & Veritas: Light and Truth:  Supporting Friendship Sports Association (FSA) 

FriendshipSports.org - Now, after 200,000 miles of runs in 38 countries of the world in preparation for today... Stan Cottrell and his team are expanding the borders to go into ALL the world ... literally to every nation, colony and territory known to the world today... spreading friendship, love, hope and help to people everywhere... while raising funds for the world's orphans and helping create ongoing enterprises to continue giving the children a very real hope and a future... for a better life for all. 

Visit the FriendshipSports.org website for images and videos of past runs... for the thought, heart and spirit that are at the very core of The Great Global Friendship Run... and check the FriendshipSports.org blog often for current news as the adventure begins... and for the many ways in which YOU can be a part of this as Stan runs across the world!

Take The Next Step …

Leave Your Footprint For The Children!


2013 marks the beginning of a 6-year odyssey as World Ultra Distance Runner, Stan Cottrell, accepts the most significant challenge of his life... as Friendship Sports Association and Cottrell Associates International launch The Great Global Friendship Run* ... with the full support, commitment and involvement of the ABC4All community... with a goal of raising more than $1 Billion USD for children in need all over the world…. Come and join us!

Donate to The Great Global Friendship Run through ABC4All and secure PayPal

*Stan Cottrell's grand vision for The Great Global Friendship Run is brought to you by Cottrell Associates International, Inc. and Friendship Sports Association, Inc., 501(c)3, with our help by The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC)... as we join together to take new technologies and other aid to a hurting and dying world.  Contact us to share your gifts or help in your communities. Together, we ALL WILL help make the world "A Better Community For All!"