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Stop Stan Cottrell and Listen!

There is a man running your way...

...An extraordinary athlete
...A world adventurer
...A businessman

...A teacher
...A pioneer

His dreams have carried him to the four corners of the earth and back.

His spirit has brought him challenges few could ever imagine.

In pursuit of his dream, he has suffered exquisite pain... and glorious triumph affirming his mission in life.

Now, he runs this way...with a message that can positively impact lives forever.

His name is Stan Cottrell.

As an athlete, he runs an uncommon event...Ultra-Distance Friendship Runs


He ran from New York to San Francisco in 48 days and set a new Guiness Book of Records. 

He ran across Europe in 80 days.

He has run across 38 different countries and has accumulated more than 180,000 miles of running in his 50 year career.  That's more than 8 times around the earth.

He has been examined by doctors studying the effects of this type of extreme physical and mental stress.  They found his body systems to be extremely efficient in the use of resources. 

Yet Stan Cottrell believes the source of his power is more than mere physical.  He is convinced that it is a source we all can tap into -- if only we were to know how.  We can all achieve some or all of this same kind of efficiency, the same superior use of our physical, mental and spiritual resources.

Not just in athletics... but in all areas of our lives...

Whether it’s in business, in love, in the family.  And he believes it all starts with the importance of the dreams we have for ourselves and for those around us.

If we are to do great things he has said, we must dream great-hearted dreams.

As a speaker, Stan has captivated audiences throughout the world with his humor... his unusual perspective of human nature... and his down to earth, sometimes unconventional ideas about human achievement.

As a motivational speaker, he is eminently believable. 

A son of a rural Kentucky farmer, he started his climb from the very bottom.  Yet, he has become an accomplished athlete, an entrepreneur and a leading businessman.

Stan is not a speaker who merely talks about success.  He embodies the process.  When he speaks, we feel he has been where we have been...has felt what we feel and has had the same fears, insecurities and doubts we all have known.

Audiences have been astonished at his unique ability to help us find ways of turning our dreams into reality. 

Stan Cottrell's presentation before business groups and convention audiences is about world class motivation... and it's also...

about life...

about courage...

about pain...

and a principle of human achievement
he calls the
"Law of Fire and Jade".

Stan Cottrell has been honored by dignitaries and heads of state throughout the world.  His deeds have brought nations together in friendship, and his words have inspired millions.

Combining the common sense of backwoods Kentucky, the sophisticated teachings of the Orient, and his own compelling generosity of spirit, Stan Cottrell makes us want to be better...larger...more productive than we are or have been. 

He touches and changes our lives.  Just hearing him speak is an adventure rare in our time. 

There is a man running this way... 
He carries a message of great importance to each and every one of us. 

Are YOU ready to listen and learn? 
Stan is a compelling, entertaining person who shares what is relevant to the mind, heart, and spirit of any special event where he appears.

Do NOT expect Stan to stand behind a lectern and bore us. 
Be prepared for a highly interactive experience that wins hearts all over the world – and now for the next six years in 257 locations all across the world! 

Let's stop him and hear what he has to say.
How will YOU respond?


Stan Cottrell - Guinness Record 1980