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Message from Stan Cottrell

Stan Cottrell

To: ABC4All Mentors/Leaders/Partners/Local ABC4All Co-Founders

The following message from Stan Cottrell needs no introduction other than to assert, as already has been done, the following:

It is the intention of The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) to enlist the cooperation and collaboration of any/all ABC4All Mentors, associates, partners across the world to bring maximum support to World Ultra Distance Runner, Stan Cottrell, Chairman and Founder of the 501(c)3 charitable organization, Friendship Sports Association, Inc. (FSA) and his Great Global Friendship Run (GGFR) as he runs in 257 locations during the coming 6 years with the goal of raising $1 billion for orphans awaiting our help.

Graphic by Billy Yasin, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Ghana

In so doing, we join together to focus on Unity across Diversity and create awareness across the world for those without basics in living while we bring advanced technologies for water, food, shelter and others to the world via ABC4All WorldSolutions™.

In short, the combined focus of FSA/GGFR/ABC4All offers

Making the Impossible Possible:

Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for anyone alive who is receptive.

ABC4All Cares.  ABC4All Shares.  YOU Decide!™


To YOU from Stan Cottrell:

Dateline:  September, 1961

Freshman English Class, Western Kentucky State College.  My teacher gave me an assignment to do a book report on No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton. 

I sat riveted to the opening page which began with,

"I cannot understand you until I understand myself. 
 I cannot understand myself until I understand you. 
 We need each other. We give each other significance."

My thinking would be changed forever; and now, 52 years later...this moment in 2013...these words are even more paramount as "manifest destiny" is upon us.


What a priceless privilege to be associated with you who chooses to participate with both the Friendship Sports Association (FSA) in association with The Legacy of ABC4All and to have the opportunity to come together with You under the umbrella and goals of The Great Global Friendship Run

As we come together in thought, heart, and spirit...think on this... You and Our team... Each One bringing our own compelling skills and history to this six year odyssey!  My heart is a bubbling cauldron of overflowing joy. 

We Can Do It!  One step at a time... Together!  The World will never be the same.  All time has been awaiting our arrival and for our answer to this divine calling and opportunity for this generation.     

To many, this is a big vision... but with You... the long road ahead just got smoother and straighter.   I can't run my race alone.  I desperately need you and your special gifts and skill sets.  We need each other... Humankind needs people like us ignited with a passion of knowing what we are doing is bringing hope, love and tangible results for all nations… and lest we not forget... 143 million precious orphans globally who are begging for someone like us to come and let them know with our words, actions and gifts we celebrate their divine lives. 

We bring diplomacy to the world... People-to-People Diplomacy ...
and that, my dear friends, is combustible.   

The Poet LaFontaine once wrote,
"When the soul of a person is on fire with imagination, impossibilities vanish.”

This is a bold adventure!  You're Special... So am I... So is The Great Global Friendship Run... Together, WE make a great Team… WE make the impossible possible!

Can You Hear Me?  Am I speaking loud enough? 

We acknowledge the past, celebrate the present, and together we will light the Torch, in one accord, as Members of This Great Co-Mission.  I covet your prayers.  We need them, and the practice won't hurt you one bit.   

To the spirit of continuing and growing friendship always,

Stan Cottrell
Philippians 4:13